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Accurita is World’s First Buyers Focused System where all the buyers are secure and they can buy any product by directly communication with seller.

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Our mission is to give our consumers the best buying and selling experience where the accurate audience would come on a platform to buy and sell their products. Anyone will have the power to trade out their product or services to the accurate audience while giving out the ability to connect local people in the most environment friendly place. Through our platform you can create deals for local or global audience. You have all the right options to choose from, you name it and you would have the exact product in front of you with the exact specifications you want.

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Our vision is to bring out technology for people who are looking for the quick and fast results in order to save time , because the era we currently live in wants to get the best without having to look out for too many things. Everyone now wants to save up their time by reaching to the accurate audience and we understand the need of users to trade practically and trade anything they want within few seconds.


Our company’s goal is to begin providing services in an area where our consumer goes completely satisfied once they have provided their requirement. As a seller, create a deal of any product from different categories and select targeted user’s region and the product would be in front of buyer’s eyes in a blink of an eye, and your trade will be completed within minutes. All the products are accurately categorized. For more detail, just click our seller’s guide icon, and you will get all detail.

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Accurita Top Categories

Here are the top categories we are covering in our Application. More categories are on the way Cheers!

Auto Industry

300+ cars of 22 different companies available in 16 different cities… find your dream car here

Real Estate

Home Sweet Home, hottest category of accurita with over 1600 subscribers. Find your dream home here

Umrah Service

Subscriber’s “wishes” reflect their interest in Umrah Packages, Find the best that suits your time schedule and budget here

Mobile Phone

Looking for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) authorized Mobile? Over 400+ deals available, Mobile of your own choice is waiting here


Still Single? Or looking for proposals of your beloved son/daughter? Perfect place for perfect match is here


Unbelievable prices, get full advantage of daily deals of super market items here

Sports Equipment

Any type of sport, branded things on local price. What else a sports man can wish for, find deals here

Imported Stuff

Quality, quality, quality… Yes you are right, this is expected on accurita, you can visit imported stuff deals here

Home Baking

New day, new recipe, from cakes to sweet treats to cup cakes to savories, 100% home made delicious and quality products. Order here


Quick, Authentic and more importantly, exactly what you were looking for. 100s of jobs posted here

Rent A Car

You can’t drive? New in City? Luxury cars at affordable price with different options. see rent a car deals here

Blood Donation

Proudly added this exclusive category just for needy patients who are fighting for life, be part of this noble cause here

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Classifieds platform is becoming a trends nowadays and it has a great impact on global online market and people are earning more than that you have ever imagine. Here in this we offer such functionality which enable anyone to become seller, create a deal of products or services, select target audience and that’s it, sit back and relax, rest Accurita will take care and we will be showing you live how your deal is reaching to thousands of our trust worthy buyers. As a buyer, you can always wish for anything you can imagine, and as soon as a seller Sign in we will show your wish to them and they will offer you exactly what you are looking for.

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