World’s first “User’s focussed System”

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Let’s bringout the best results for you according to your Needs, and this will happen in just a blink of an eye.

Who We Are

VirEmp is one of the leading software development company in Pakistan. We believe in creativity, and Accurita is just one example of that. Our top quality, world’s first buyer focused system is considered one of Pakistan’s favorite modern anti-spam eCommerce solution and also known to be as a leading classified portal which would bring out the best results for you according to your needs for both end of either you are a seller or a buyer, and all this will happen in just a blink of an eye.
All you have to do is enter the specifications for the products you need and it would be in front of you within seconds without the hassle of having to look from tremendous number of products.
We call it “Create a wish” and as soon as your wish is posted to seller’s portal, you will start getting deals in no time. So if you would like to wish for a specific model of Samsung Mobile, you will get accurate offers, that is promise of Accurita.

All the well-known classified ad portal of Pakistan are seller focused portal and they don’t give flexibility to the buyer in term of their request posting. You will be surprised when come to know that Viremp now offers a flexible and efficient solution for classified ads posting for both buyer and seller. Create your deal if you are a seller or make a wish, if you are a buyer, you will have your desired items and money within minutes.


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Direct communication with seller

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App works fast & quick loading

Fully Responsive

Works on any device

Complete Your Dreams

In simple words Accurita promises to bring business for sellers and focuses on buyers to provide them flexible, stress free and still accurate results.